Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. is a full-service demolition contractor with the experience and equipment required to complete any size demolition project. We have completed several large-scale projects ranging from complex bridges over land and water, full building demolition, building dismantlement, storage tank removal, and silo removal to name a few.

Latest Demolition Projects

11th St Bridge over Anacostia River

Meridian Building Demolition

Goethals Bridge Demolition


Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. owns and maintains an extensive equipment fleet of marine equipment including sectional barges, deck barges, temporary trestle, and push boats.  We have completed an extensive list of marine projects requiring the work to be performed in the water or at the water’s edge including bulkheads, fender installation, wharf demolition, wharf construction, bridge construction and bridge demolition.

Latest Marine Projects

Tradepoint Atlantic: Innerberth Improvements and Combi Wall Construction

DRBA Ship Collision and Protection System

Port of Wilmington


Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. has decades of experience driving piles of all varieties in and out of the water.  The company owns vibratory and impact hammers of all sizes to accommodate the project needs.  From simple cantilevered sheet pile walls to jetting thirty-inch square prestressed concrete piles, we are experienced and capable to take on any foundations project regardless of the soil conditions.

Latest Foundations Projects

PennDOT ECMS 64494 SR 202, Sec 320

Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge

NJ Windport


The company has built numerous award-winning structures and is recognized throughout the industry for accomplishing projects using innovative methods to complete the projects on-time and correctly.  With experience of building small simple span bridges to high post tensioned structures, Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. is a premier bridge builder in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Latest Structures Projects

Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge

SR141 Improvements, I-95 to Jay Drive

NJ Windport


Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc has organically grown with earthwork as the backbone of the company. The bulldozer has always been iconic in our logo signifying how it all started.  Since day one, the company has successfully completed an extensive list of earthwork projects with all company owned equipment.  These projects include sitework, developments, highway construction, landfill projects and many more.

Latest Earthwork Projects

Route 70 – Route 38 to Cooper Ave

Tradepoint Atlantic: Blast Furnace Slag Hauling and Placement

Delaware State Route 1


Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. has been self-performing paving for decades with all company owned equipment.  Projects and capabilities range from parking lot paving, main line highway mill and pave projects, to new highway construction.

Latest Paving Projects

Route 538

US 301, Phase C

New Jersey Turnpike Roadway Resurfacing

Material Processing

Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc. owns and maintains a large array of processing equipment to suit any jobs needs. The company has utilized hydraulic excavator mounted attachments, mobile screens, crushers, and many other pieces to process dirt, rock, concrete and much more.

Latest Material Processing Projects

Screening at PSE&G

Goethals Bridge Demolition

PA Turnpike

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