Safety isn’t something you do now and then, or when it’s convenient. Safety is never being satisfied, it’s always working to be better.

Our safety vision is to create a culture and environment where employees work injury free. Maintaining the health and safety of our employees is a core value of our company and is embodied by every Pierson employee.

Our continued progress in workplace safety, including each person taking personal responsibility, contributes to our “injury free” culture. “Injury free” is not a goal or a target; it is our commitment to our employees.


Commitment is when you walk the walk. It’s what makes safety practices meaningful rather than mechanical. It’s what inspires employees to contribute personally to workplace safety. Building a commitment to safety has been shown to significantly reduce injuries on our work sites.


Pierson employees understand that safety is not something we do in addition to work; it’s how we work. We teach our employees to identify and correct unsafe work practices immediately. In addition to daily and weekly safety meetings, supervisors review and train our work force using Pierson’s Activity Hazard Analysis, a tool that integrates safety into every part of the project.

Audits and Inspections

Daily job site inspections and professional level management audits systematically reduce the chance of injuries and incidents. We continuously improve on safety by analyzing trends and sharing best practices.

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