Tradepoint Atlantic: Innerberth Improvements and Combi Wall Construction

Project Owner(s)

Tradepoint Atlantic

Construction Value

Innerberth Improvements: $21 Million
Combi Wall: $12 Million
Total Port Construction: $33 Million


Port of Wilmington, Delaware

Project Schedule

September 2019 / December 2021 – August 2020 / December 2022

General Service Scope

Innerberth Improvements: Involved the construction of a pile supported Concrete Heavy Lift Pad and PCC Pavement.

Combi Wall: Involved the partial demolition of the existing wharf face, the installation of a new King Pile Combi Wall, and new PCC Cap/Wharf Face.

Project Challenge

To perform the construction under an aggressive timeline to minimize impacts to the client’s operations. Had to also overcome multiple buried obstructions

Project Solution

Utilized extensive Equipment fleet to work in multiple areas at once. Worked with Client to design solutions to avoid impacts.

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