Replacement of Bridge S-32 on County Route 520 (Rumson Road)

Project Owner(s)

Monmouth County

Construction Value



Rumson & Sea Bright Boroughs, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Project Schedule

October 2021 – May 2025

General Service Scope

Project is to replace the existing double-leaf bascule bridge with the new bridge. The new wider double-leaf bascule bridge will be constructed South of the existing.

The major work involves 42″-diameter steel pipe piles, concrete footings for bascule and approach piers, CIP retaining walls, steel bridge girders, CIP deck slab, bascule span steel framing, precast exodermic deck, operating machinery for the bascule leaf, PCL control system and electrical work for bascule leaf, submarine cable, control house, gatekeeper house, stand-by generator, realignment of the approach roads, roadway work, 5 bar steel railing, steel sheet pile bulkheads, new FRP fender system, and demolition of the existing bridge.

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