Route 52 Causeway – Contract B

Project Owner(s)

New Jersey Department of Transportation

Construction Value

$251 Million


Somers Point & Ocean City, NJ

Project Schedule

July 2019 – November 2012

General Service Scope

Joint Venture Partner with Wagman Construction Project includes construction of two new high-level bridges replacing the existing two bascule spans. Project consists of 14”, 24” and 30” square prestressed concrete piles,  93.5” precast bulb tee girders, a cast-in-place post tensioned bridge, drainage up to 60” RCCP, bulk excavation, temporary MSE walls, two-stage MSE walls, fishing pier construction and significant traffic control.

Project Challenge

The project consisted of crossing two active marine channels in Great Egg Harbor Bay. This required a significant marine fleet to perform the work.

Project Solution

Sectional barges, deck barges and push boats were used to store materials, and allow cranes, excavators, manlifts, and the workforce to build the bridge. In addition to the work interface, numerous access points with bulkheads were created to provide loading and unloading of employees, materials and equipment onto the barges.

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