Goethals Bridge Demolition

Project Owner(s)

Port Authority NY-NJ

Construction Value

$40 Million


Elizabeth, NJ to Staten Island, NY

Project Schedule

April 2016 – December 2017

General Service Scope

Performed demolition of the existing Goethals Bridge as a subcontractor to Kiewit-Weeks-Massman. Demolition scope was inclusive of all existing structure components, including lowering of the center truss via strand jacks onto barges on a highly trafficked commercial waterway. The existing bridge crossed the NJ Turnpike, Conrail, several local roads, a historic wooden railroad bridge, and the Arthur Kill waterway.

Project Challenge

The project consisted of several unique superstructure components including a retrofit widening over the turnpike, a 336 foot long suspended span as part of the 1152 foot long cantilever truss span. The suspended span weighed 1300 tons and was required to be lowered approximately 130 feet to barges on the Arthur Kill.

Project Solution

Intense construction engineering was performed by Foothills Bridge Company, to analyze the existing structure. Temporary back supports were installed in the truss approach spans and the approach span were jacked with force to engage the superstructure for the calculated displacement when the suspended span was removed. The suspended span was lowered utilizing strand jacks over the course of approximately 20 hours onto barges outfitted to accept the span for inland transport to a recycling facility. The remainder of the truss structure was torch cut and removed a single chord at a time. This required unique access challenges as the highest point of the bridge was approximately 240 feet above the water.

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