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After several years operating as a sole proprietorship, Richard Pierson incorporated the main operating company, Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc., in 1980. Since that time Richard and key employees have propelled the company's steady growth in expertise, revenues and scope of services to the present day level.

Initially concentrating on residential and commercial site development, Pierson began performing an increasing volume of public projects for local, county, state and federal agencies. The company also further penetrated the retail and industrial site development market.

We have added greatly to our scope and strength of operations over the years. We've accomplished this by increasing the services we perform, including asphalt paving, site concrete work, asphalt production (plants in NJ & DE), concrete production (NJ), structural and concrete construction (retaining and sound walls, dams and bridges), concrete paving, demolition, and the production of sands, gravel and stone. These specialties, when added to our already considerable earthwork and utility abilities have enabled us to become one of the area's largest best performing heavy and highway construction firms.

As revenues and scope of services have grown, so have the size and complexities of the projects undertaken. Our geographical areas of operations have also expanded to include more of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania, along with nationwide potential for our demolition operations.

The company's leadership and reputation in its field are points of pride among employees, many of whom have been with the company since the early years.

Richard E. Pierson