R.E. Pierson Construction Company performs a number of environmental and ecological projects, such as wetlands mitigation, landfill construction, waterway, pond and dam construction. New landfills and expansion of existing landfills typically require clearing, earthwork, utilities and roadways similiar to almost any type of site development, which is our core business. Additionally, these projects require a great deal of specialized work, involving leacheate piping, special clay, and sand layers and polymer liners. Pierson has years of experience working with the special soils required for landfill cells as well as working with liner installation specialists. R.E. Pierson Materials Company, a valued part of the Pierson family of companies often supplies the very special mixes of clay and sands for these projects. Other projects involve creating wetlands to replace those lost to site development and highway projects.

For earthwork, ground water control, concrete structures, paving and more, Pierson is ideally staffed and equipped to provide the comprehensive range of disciplines required by environmental and ecological projects.

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