For many years, R.E. Pierson Construction Company has been involved in the production of virgin and recycled sands and aggregates. Initially on-site rock crushing was performed at various site development projects. The crushings were used as pavement subbase material and pipe bedding. Over time, Pierson has added a number of operations. Some examples of this include: open-pit mining; sand and stone processing for general construction and as an ingredient in asphalt and cement products; crushing and screening of recyclable concrete and asphalt for subbase and bedding applications; and asphalt millings as construction material and Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP).

Our asphalt plants use a considerable amount of sand and recycled asphalt and we also supply a number of other producers and contractors in the tri-state area.

Our crushers are often used on construction sites where there is demolition activity. Demolished concrete and asphalt, after crushing and screening, is frequently used on the same site for underground pipe bedding, trench backfill and subbase construction.

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