The use of recycled materials in the construction industry is an ever-increasing ecological and economic necessity. While we have recycled concrete and asphalt for years, our activity in this area has increased dramatically with the growth of our demolition, milling and asphalt paving materials production.

We maintain a number of large primary and secondary crushers, used at selected locations, for the crushing of rock, concrete and asphalt rubble. On some demolition projects the crushing operations are situated on-site and the recycled materials are used in controlled fills, as pipe bedding and as pavement subbase for new site improvements.

Our crushers, conveyors and other support equipment are typically able to be transported to a new site, set up and in operation within two days.

An important aspect of our recycling is derived from our extensive pavement milling operations. For economy, we use virtually all millings in some fashion or another. Modern asphalt pavement specifications allow the use of asphalt millings, in various percentages, as part of the composition of new pavement. Millings not used in new pavement are frequently used as a pavement subbase.

The recycling of these materials has lowered the burden on landfills, saving landfill fees and reducing the consumption of new materials saving costs that have traditionally been passed on to our clients.

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