R.E. Pierson Materials Corp., an important part of the Pierson family of companies, is primarily engaged in the production of spec sand, stone, recycled aggregates, asphaltic paving materials and concrete. In addition to supplying the materials needed by R.E. Pierson Construction, the materials company acts as wholesaler/retailer to public entities such as state, county and local governmental agencies and the private sector, consisting mainly of other construction companies.

Natural sands, clays and aggregates are mined and processed to specification from various owned and leased sites throughout the tri-state area. These materials are mainly used in roadway subbase construction, as asphalt and concrete ingredients and in new landfill cell construction.

Asphaltic paving materials are manufactured at several locations by our state-of-the-art plants. Pierson's own paving crews consume a hefty percentage of the annual output from the plants with the balance being sold to other contractors and governmental agencies.

The concrete plant sells its product to the general public, governmental agencies and supplies Pierson's curb. sidewalk, structures and concrete paving crews with quality concrete. Management and maintenance of the concrete-truck fleet is an important part of the concrete plant operation, enabling us to assure timely deliveries to clients as well as our own crews. Quality concrete, delivered on time is critical to any contractor's operation, and therefore is of the utmost importance to Pierson Materials.

Consistently meeting product specification for each client, whether it be concrete for curb, bridges or asphalt for roads or airports, is more demanding and critical than ever before. To that end, every plant has its own quality control and testing laboratory with up-to-date scientific equipment and experienced technicians. Quality, service and total customer satisfaction are our primary objectives at R.E Pierson Materials Corp.

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